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10 Things to Ask Your Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can help guide you through a difficult period as an individual. Filing for bankruptcy is usually a necessary step, but one that can come with a lot of confusion and questions. It is important to ask your Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer the right questions so that you can be sure you are hiring the correct individual who will handle your case properly. Here are some key questions to ask any potential Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer.

How Long Have You Been in Practice

One immediate question to help gauge the expertise level of a Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer is to gauge how long they have been practicing law. This is not to say that the number of years dictates their experience, but it is a decent barometer. What you want to watch out for is hiring a Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer that is fresh out of school. As long as they have at least a few years experience, you should be good.

What is Your Experience in Cases Such as Mine

Every bankruptcy case is unique. You should question your potential Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer, though, to see if they have handled cases such as yours in the past.

Do You Have Experience in Specific Bankruptcy Law

Getting an understanding on how familiar they are with bankruptcy law in the state of Florida and abroad is key. Ask them about their knowledge of the law and how it will impact your bankruptcy filing.

How is Your Practice Different From Competitors

Every Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer should have a differentiating factor. This factor can set the lawyer apart from competitors. See what makes your potential lawyer unique.

What Fees Can I Expect for My Case

Fees do play a factor in a bankruptcy filing. It is best to ask this question beforehand to be sure that the lawyer will fit into your budget.

What Makes Bankruptcy Right for Me

Bankruptcy filings are not for everyone. You need to get an understanding from your Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer as to why this type of filing fits with your situation.

Do I Have Any Other Options Available

Options may be available in your bankruptcy filing you have no idea about. Asking for different options and trusting the lawyer’s expertise can reward you with some great results.

What is the Long-term Impact of Bankruptcy

A filing of bankruptcy is going to impact you in the short and the long-run. Asking about the type of impact it is going to have on you can better help you understand the after-effects.

Do You Treat Clients as Partners

You want to work with a Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney that is going to treat you like a partner, not someone whom has employed them. This means creating a bond with your lawyer so that you feel comfortable they can handle your case.

What is Your Goal for My Particular Case

You know how you want your bankruptcy case to end, but does your Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer have the same plan? Ask this question to make sure that the two of you are in sync.