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How a Real Estate Attorney Increases Your Property Case Value

By on May 19, 2014 in Estate Attorney |

The government is seen by many private property owners as a bully. Eminent domain gives the government the right to pursue and take over private property if there is a public need for it. This basically gives the government the legal right to take any private property you may own at any point.

In order for the government to go forward with a formal eminent domain case, they are likely going to make sure they are just in their belief that there is a public need for the property. Once this is verified, they are going to move forward to making offers to you in order to buy the actual property.

Dealing With an Eminent Domain Case without an Attorney

The government needs to be dealt with in a stern manner in cases such as an eminent domain property case. This is because the government has the goal, just as any home buyer would, to acquire a piece of property for as little money as possible. If you do not have a seasoned real estate attorney by your side, you may not know your rights or the process that is necessary to get compensation for your property that is more than fair.

The Law Dictates What the Government Must Pay

You as a property owner need to be able to understand the laws revolving around eminent domain. A real estate attorney will help you realize that the law states the government must pay fair compensation for a property. You may disagree entirely with the government in terms of what they think that compensation actually is. This is where a real estate attorney can really help in terms of negotiating and navigating the court process.

Increasing Property Value through Research

A real estate attorney is going to have prior knowledge in terms of what cases similar to yours settle for. The fair compensation for a piece of property typically begins and ends with the appraisal process. You real estate attorney is likely going to have appraisers in mind to get you a fair deal. They will come out and review your property and assess it at fair market value. This is the value that based on their research and knowledge you are entitled to by the government. A real estate attorney may be able to increase this value based on extra circumstances that may come into play regarding here you stand with your private property.

Knowledge is everything in terms of knowing what is fair in an eminent domain property case. A real estate attorney is going to be able to represent you with knowledge of the legal process and what past properties similar to yours have settled for. In the end, you will be able to go through the process knowing that you are getting compensation for your private property that is both fair and just based on the current market and what you believe truly your property is worth.